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Wordwhore by Tam Cy Albert

Wordwhore, an inflammatory play for life, for the city and its people who burn along with it.

Urbn Theatr
will present, for the first time in Greece, Tam Cy Albert in his play Wordwhore in the cultural venue About:
(22 November 17 December,
for 20 shows). A play that was awarded and presented for the first time in Norway, in 2008.For its Greek production, Wordwhore was revised and considerably extended by its writer, Tam Cy Albert, after a challenging proposal by Urbn Theatr.

Often people will trip and fall. It takes, what? A split second? One minute you're in control and upright; the next minute all sense of balance has been lost. You face the void.
Within the interval the fall is, the silence preceding the fall and the silence following it- the before and the after- struggle, as it were, to become words. These silences obstinately seek to reach the ears of any random, potential spectator willing to spare some time to hear them. Besides, it's in the nature of the fall to have to juggle an uncertain future.

A held-out hand, an impromptu reaction, and its course may be altered forever.

Exhibited in a cultural venue are works of art, for each person, for the city itself. And along with them a girl, who lived in the city, who seeks for the person. The substantial, modern play by Tam Cy Albert is presented within a cultural context which seeks its core, the human contact.

The artworks on display at the venue are by the following artists: Yannis Kondaratos, Christos Michaelides, Nina Pappa.

The action happens in real time in a cultural venue, in the heart of the city.
Urbn Theatr is happy to announce that this May will be working alongside Wandsworth Arts Festival and Roehampton Library on a brand new artistic project entitled “Re-engagement” created specifically for Wandsworth Fringe Festival 2017.
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