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Urbn Theatr is an innovative international theatre company, founded in 2011 and led by artist and theatre maker Ilias Panagiotakopoulos.

Urbn Theatr exists to create new, original work based on original plays on what needs to be said here and now. Part of our projects is the use of different and unusual urban spaces, transforming them into exciting theatrical creations with the building at the heart of the performance. Urbn Theatr has been moving in a wide range of performing arts_ shows, performances, visual/sound installations and spatial reformative projects included.

Lampadarios Pappas, architecture, Fotini Lazou, fashion designer, William Uden, actor and a few fellow workers adopt, adapt and complete the principal ideas of Urbn Theatr. 

Urbn Theatr maintains its permanent collaborators while being always eager for new ones…

Urbn is running beyond the limits of ourselves through the limits of our city.

Theatr is the only way to achieve it.

We have to let it go, we have to let it free
and ultimately
we have to stay within Urbn’s major theme:
“Give your heartbeat to someone and let it... RUN!”

Urbn Theatr is happy to announce that this May will be working alongside Wandsworth Arts Festival and Roehampton Library on a brand new artistic project entitled “Re-engagement” created specifically for Wandsworth Fringe Festival 2017.
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