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‘WORLD'S END’ The small death of a breakup
Eleutherotypia, 7/11/2011 by ELENA GALANOPOULOU

A tall roseate British man was sitting among the Greek viewers who attended the opening of ‘World's End' by the team Urbn Theatr at @Rouf theatrical stage on Saturday evening.

He laughs with the clever dialogues, even though he doesn't speak Greek at all. He is the writer who enjoys the Greek version of his play . Since 2007, when it was distinguished in Edinburgh 's Festival, it was staged by various Theatrical teams all over Britain , in Canada and Australia .

“All of them were Anglophone. It was the first time I watched it in a different language. I thought that the Greek version is very interesting. It was very exciting watching my play being performed by actors more passionate, of mediterranean temperament. I noticed that women were stronger and more interesting that in the British version, which wanted them more passive”.

A whole housekeeping is set up and taken apart every evening on the stage of the small theater in Gazi. The play describes in real time the moving out of a couple that has just broken up. “It is delightful to watch how many things are ‘packed' correctly in such a short theatrical time”, we read later in the ‘Evening Standard', and it feels like they guessed our thought. The parting is presented as a small ‘ death ' , in a play that is about broken promises of the dazzled people of the city.

In your opinion , how does the modern way of life affect love?

“In our days we have many more chances and choices. At first glance this is good . However , in the end it only complicates relationships, as it disorients us and makes us unaware of what we truly want.

And now that the economic crisis funs the flame of the already incandescent human relationships?

“It is very interesting how the play is connected to economic crises”, he notes. “It was performed in West End in 2007 in an unsettled London. Now in Athens.

“ I was thinking that at the end of the day it is love that counts whatever may have happened. Money makes our life difficult, whether we have it or not. Mostly when we don' t have it. I hope that we will realize it in time and that we will not allow it to affect us . The exact opposite could happen : to realize suddenly that it is more important being ‘ together ' . ”

Which are the elements of a good theatrical play?

“ I share the opinion of a great writer, who once told me: it takes three things: brains, heart and a ‘ mountza ' I believe too that it has to be both smart and emotional. But also to have something that ‘captures' you”.

Is it easy for a writer to watch his play on stage?

“ It is very hard . There are plays that never get to be staged. Even if they are exceptional”.

Urbn Theatr is happy to announce that this May will be working alongside Wandsworth Arts Festival and Roehampton Library on a brand new artistic project entitled “Re-engagement” created specifically for Wandsworth Fringe Festival 2017.
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