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Paul Sellar studied at the drama school of Bristol Univercity. He is the writer of The Bedsit, The Dead Move Fast, 2Graves and The Man Who Fell Out Of Bed.

«I thoroughly enjoyed this Greek version. It had a real power to it. The actors were totally convincing and the whole production was so stylish. Had so much panache and a real theatricality - in a good way. This really was a first class production in my mind and the actors were just wonderful. So talented, so assured and so connected to the material, to each other and to the audience. It was lifelike - and made for amazing theatre - and it had a beautifully consistent tone - they really caught that I think better than any production has managed to of this play! They were terrific in every way! I was moved.»

‘World’s End’ at @Rouf: “The One that got away…”

World’s End for Every Break-up.

‘WORLD'S END’ The small death of a breakup

“The play’s hero is like an alter-ego for me”

Paul Sellar: “Each relationship has its own secret…”
Urbn Theatr is happy to announce that this May will be working alongside Wandsworth Arts Festival and Roehampton Library on a brand new artistic project entitled “Re-engagement” created specifically for Wandsworth Fringe Festival 2017.
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